Innovative Practice of Law

LAW21 arises from the need for a new form of legal practice

The change in the way legal services are provided required a firm with a new structure, new processes and a legal service focused on the value it brings to the client rather than on the hours required. This new firm calls for new tools and new professionals.

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Our approach is multidimensional and, therefore, our team is multidisciplinary and comprises not only lawyers with extensive experience, but also engineers and designers.

New tools are also necessary: some that are purely technological to enable the integral management of affairs and relations with clients, incorporating expert systems that enable the efficient and necessary administration of the most repetitive activities, which are of least value to our clients; and others based on the techniques and procedures used in other disciplines, incorporated into legal practice in the form of legal design or legal process management.

Our aim is to offer quality legal services that generate value for individuals, companies and society in general, collaborating with our clients to create a secure legal environment for their activities, using technology and multi-disciplinary procedures to offer efficient, innovative and fully personalised solutions.