Our working areas

Proactive Law

We at LAW21 focus on promoting and highlighting the factors that lead to success and we see law as an instrument to create value for our clients, strengthen their business relationships and identify and take advantage of opportunities.

Creativity Law

Creative Law cover all areas that affect both personal and business creation and all its manifestations, such as intellectual and industrial property, trade secrets and know-how.

Fundamental Digital Rights

The management, analysis and use of the data obtained from our presence and activity in the social media and on the Internet in general (our digital footprint) goes beyond the processing of personal data and can affect our fundamental rights.

Entrepreneurship Law

p.p1 {We work with our clients to understand their idea and business to support them in every stage of their project, always from a multidisciplinary perspective.


Regulatory compliance in a broad sense and the establishment of standards of conduct and a corporate culture of compliance are essential to an organisation’s health.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Legal proceedings are not the most efficient way of resolving disputes; other less confrontational approaches may be faster, cheaper and, above all, more satisfactory for the parties.

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Our different areas of expertise are interrelated so that we can provide our clients with a full advisory service and also help them with specific matters.