Alternative Dispute Resolution

Law has traditionally held the justice administration system as the main means of resolving disputes through various judicial orders and procedures. However, when all parties give their consent, they can resolve their differences with the help of a third party without having to go to court. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution systems (ADR), the term used in European legislation, are proposed as alternatives to traditional court processes in circumstances that involve overloaded courts and processes that can take years, offering a dual advantage by saving both time and money and reaching agreements of mandatory fulfilment or, at least, establishing guarantees. 

Recently, these techniques have also started to be used in negotiations in which the parties are unable to reach an agreement on their own.

There are several systems, depending mainly on the work and decision-making capacity of the third party in the process. LAW21 can help you choose and manage the best method for resolving a dispute and advise you during the process itself.


LAW21 acts as your representative, placing at your disposal professionals with decades of experience capable of reaching agreements in situations you thought were lost, both in pre-judicial scenarios and in the day-to-day running of your business. Alternative Dispute Resolution 


This is a voluntary, confidential process whereby, with the help of a neutral third party who offers dialogue and negotiation, opposing parties seek to reach an agreement on their own. In this case, LAW21 can be either the mediator between the two parties or the representative of or advisor to one of them.


This is similar to mediation; however, the neutral third party has more capacity to intervene and propose solutions. In this case, LAW21 can play the role of conciliator between the two parties or that of representative of or advisor to one of them.


This Is a Private Hearing in Which the Arbitrator Acts as a Judge and His/Her Decision Is Practically as Valid as a Court Ruling. in This Case, Law21 Can Act as Arbitrator or Counsel for One of the Parties.

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