Businesses and their managers are responsible for what they do and, as such, will be held accountable for their acts and omissions.

Owing to the rapid evolution of regulations on companies, associations and foundations and the toughening of the consequences of non-compliance, which today can lead to direct criminal liability for the company itself and prison sentences for its administrators, the importance law places on such organisations taking preventive compliance actions has become particularly relevant. 

Compliance is the set of procedures and good practices your company has to adopt to identify and classify operational and legal risks and put in place internal mechanisms for their prevention, management and control and the company’s reaction to them.

Compliance programmes are not compulsory; however, it is compulsory to comply with and therefore be aware of a regulation of different origins and increasing abundance and complexity. Taking adequate, sufficient measures not only anticipates problems, but can also be construed as exemption from liability should the unforeseeable happen. In short, it is a way of being prepared for risks such as reputational damage, fines, exclusion from public tenders and subsidies and even prison sentences.

At LAW21, we take a dual approach to compliance, always from the perspective of Proactive Law and taking into account each client’s real and specific needs.

compliance PLAN

Preliminary audit of your company on general compliance with laws and regulations and drafting of a compliance plan.

Risk analysis

Risk analysis based on the existing business model, organisation and corporate culture.

Regulatory analysis and updating

Constant updating of the regulations in your sector.

Code of Good Practice

Preparation of a good practice handbook customised for your company, together with a training/awareness plan.

contractual COMPLIANCE

On the other hand, as long as it has been included in the contract, we audit your partners and customers to check that your products are being used and that the terms of the contracts are being fulfilled, observing the provisions relating not only to compliance but also to the use of your intellectual and industrial property or to acting in accordance with existing distribution agreements

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